3 de dezembro de 2009

The true story of three little pigs

Everyone knows the story of three little pigs, they having to live alone and each one build his house, so came the wolf the bad history. He wanted to eat the pigs, we know that with an oak toppled two houses ... But the truth comes out. Since the day that the pigs arrived the wolf was watching them, and the wolf realized that one theirs was sick, had caught a severe flu and he was very weak failed to build a safe house, built a house made of straw. Wolf, poor thing, always criticized, the villain of the story, what no one knows that the wolf was working in the health surveillance of the forest and its mission was to observe if there was any situation that could pose health risk for the population. The wolf saw that pig that does not stop you breathe, he thought: "For the good of the community forest will be required to expel those pigs in the forest, imagine if all catch that flu could become an epidemic or pandemic! The risk is very great for the common good and security of the nation go on until you break down those houses. " The rest of the story we all know the intention of the wolf was not successful, because the second pig was already with the symptoms of flu and managed to make a wooden house, but the wolf managed to knock down. The third pig had not caught the flu yet, made a house of bricks and the wolf tried but not got to bring down the house. The end everyone knows the swine flu has spread around the world and we are waiting the next animal appear with a new flu.

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